Post College Life: Study Or Work

As you turn the final corner and see the checkered flag in the distance, a chapter in your life is about to end. Upon graduation, some of you are completing your Bachelor's while others are pursuing graduate work.

Assuming you are completing your Bachelor's degree and intend on staying in school, you may be considering an MBA. An MBA is a great degree that primarily helps non-business students move up the corporate ladder. However, an MBA is very similar to a good Bachelor of Commerce (or Business Administration). In fact, a Bachelor's degree in business allows students to enter the work force without doing a Master's degree in Arts or Sciences.

If you are about to complete your undergraduate degree in business and are interested in an MBA, pursue something different. Why repeat your knowledge when a Master's degree in science or another field would complement your Bachelor's degree in business?

An MBA is perfect for Computer Science, Engineering, Arts and Science students who decide to go into business. Yes an MBA could lead to better pay, a better starting position and more prestige. But you can achieve this with a Master's degree in Science if you have a Bachelor's degree in Commerce.

The degree you graduate with could become secondary in the future if you are a well-rounded individual. Sometimes you are a master of your domain though. In the event that you have a Bachelor's degree and are completing your MBA, nobody needs to remind you that the world is your oyster. You know full well that you need a lemon, some Tabasco and someone to down the oyster with. So do not let the fancy degree get to your head.

Paper – be it a diploma, money, marriage certificate or a stock certificate – is paper. It is what you do with it that matters.

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