Flash Player Download – All In One Solution

flash-installI think I have finally had it with all of these different types of video players. First off, for me, it is very irritating when a website or my browser asks me what program to use to play a video file. How should I know? My computer should know automatically. After all, it seems like every other day I am asked to do a Quick Time or Real Player update. Adobe Flash has even gotten into the weekly update game. The only one I do not see very often is Windows Media player, but they probably pack that into the periodic windows updates that commandeers my machine every now and then.

Fortunately, I came across a website the other day that has solved all of this frustration in a single download. I downloaded this flash player that is able to play any format video within one program. No longer do I need to worry about Quick Time, Real Player or any other video program. This single program plays it all. this may not be nirvana, but it is one thing that I am gladly adding to my machine, if for no other reason than that I never again will have to do a Quick Time or Real Player update. Instead I am going to happily use this flash player and ignore all the others.

For those of you that are cautious about downloads and think that the better known video players are better, let me tell you this is not just some ordinary player. This is a widely accepted open source free flash player that has been around for years. It is called the VLC flash player and it is reputable and coded well.. It also has over 300 different features that allow you to do any number of things from streaming straight to an HDTV or monitor to the ability for it to play corrupted video files. The features are plentiful and offer more options than I will ever need.

You can do what you want, but I have already switched. Think of me the next time you are spending five minutes updating your 4 other video players.

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