Individual Projects


Business is all about speed and business school is no different. The second you enter class on that first day, the sand begins to filter through the hourglass. So before you find yourself behind the curve, initiate a strategy.

Consult The Professor

The sooner you visit the professor, the better. Asking what is expected, how the grading will be done and what is not desired will help you considerably when others hit the wall. This will help you choose topics that will meet the professor's expectations.


Like anything else, research your topic to make sure it makes sense, is interesting and is feasible to attack.


Plan an outline and make sure that the key points are addressed. Determine whether the necessary time is spent on each topic.

Guiding Light

The professor should set some parameters as to what they want, so do not be shy to keep them in the loop and throw ideas off them. Surely some will be more helpful than others. Welcome to school.


Run the outline by the professor. Watch their eyes when they first see it. This is more psychology than business but it helps with getting to the bottom line: will he like the topic?


Begin to draft by having the main ideas serve as the foundation before you fill in the blanks.


Edit often as you progress. Leaving it to the end will create an unbearable challenge and lead to a sloppy paper or presentation.

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