England and Man City Keeper Joe Hart

Joe HartJoe Hart, the goalie of England’s football team has managed to gain disrespected among fans thanks to his drunken antics.

The video of the footballer is already available through numerous online sources. It appears that Joe was partying in a bar with two blonde-haired women, Joe Hart girlfriend and along with his teammates, which included Gareth Barry.

According to sources close to the bar, Joe and his mates were partying for a good number of hours late into the night. The person who had initially captured the antics on video managed to sell the same footage to the News of the World. However, dismayed fans have not at all liked this capturing of the footage of their favorite players in vulnerable positions.

Some of the fans are also holding onto the opinion that the team boss Fabio Capello will be reprimanding Joe and his teammates for the disorderly conduct that happened in the bar. We have to wait and see whether the boss is angry enough to dismiss the services of the goalie forever from the team. However, the chances of something like that happening are moot because of the fact that Joe is one of the best goalies available for the team now.

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