Wonders Of Teaching

This question must be considered fully by anyone who is contemplating to become a teacher. A great deal has been said of the teaching professions from the standpoint of human welfare. Teaching is considered as one of the most important professions, however, it is also one of the most technical, difficult, and challenging professions.

To understand what makes a good teacher, one must know the duties and responsibilities of a teacher. Studies of successful teachers’ experiences have shown that the teacher’s job is not limited to the transmissions of knowledge and information. What is important is the teacher’s personal influence in promoting the development of basic skills, understanding, wok habits, values, right judgments, and adequate personal adjustment of the learners.

Although there have been already a lot of studies conducted to define scientifically the distinguishing characteristics of an effective teacher, a common criterion has not yet been established. However, these studies generally point to two major categories in which the characteristics may be grouped: professional qualities and personal qualities.

Professional Qualities

The teacher must have a thorough grasp of the subject he teaches. It is very wrong to consider that a teacher need not know very much to teach children. Effective learning demands that the teacher possesses solid knowledge of the subject or field he teaches. To promote learning effectively, a teacher must know not only what but how to teach. The teacher must also have an understanding of the learner. He must know the adjustments learners have to make at various stages of development and the physical, emotional, and social problems they face.

Moreover, the teacher must have a general understanding of other branches of knowledge. He must be able to show how his subject relates with other fields, particularly in the solution of life’s problems. A special emphasis is also placed on teacher’s communication skills. The ability to communicate ideas effectively, to listen intelligently, and to read critically are considered essential to effective teaching. Lastly, he must have an understanding and appreciation of the teaching profession. The degree of a teacher’s success depends to a great extent on his attitude toward his job.

Personal Qualities

Various studies, mostly on students’ opinions, have been made to identify the personal qualities of an effective teacher. These personal characteristics are related to the five aspects of personality: intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and moral. A teacher must have a pleasing appearance, manner, courtesy and pleasant voice. He must possess intelligence, emotional stability, and self-control. Learners need teachers who show sympathy and kindness. They depend on teachers who are patient, trustworthy and impartial. They benefit more on flexible and creative teachers. Learning is more enjoyable with cheerful and enthusiastic teachers who teach with sense of humor.

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